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As the fishery base invested by ministry of agriculture, Shantou Dayang group established in 1973. after over 30 years hard work, we have been developed into a multi-industry large state-owned enterprises from a singe fishery company. Dayang group located in the golden section of Shantou city with abundant resource and profound foundation, our important basic industry covers fruit and vegetable food processing, food freezing, ship repair and building.
As the leading company in national and provincial agriculture industry, fruit and vegetable food freezing is the important part of our business. Our Underling enterprise Dayang food development Corporation, which passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, is the leading enterprise of "three highs" agriculture (high yield, high quality and high efficiency agriculture) in East Guangdong province. Possessed of 50 thousand square meters business area and over 180 thousand square meters working plants are, we adopt IQF single freezing technology and equipment, annual capacity 6000 tons, more than 40 varieties. Products enjoy good sales in Europe, America, Japan and South East Asia. We have started exploit domestic market since 2008, proudly provide OCEAN KITCHEN GUY brand quick freezing food for the new market.
As the leading enterprise of Guangdong aquatic products processing and marketing industry, quick freezing industry is our core part. Our subordinate company Dayang freezing commercial corporation is the corporate champion of this industry in East Guangdong region. With the cold storage total capacity 20000 ton/day and the persevering concern on quality management and brand effect, Dayang freezing Commercial Corporation meets the standard of American aquatic products HACCP regulation and certification from FDA.
Shop repair and building industry is our important part. Our subordinate company Dayang Shipbuilding Corporation is one leading ship building enterprise in East Guangdong region by its outstanding design, strong technology and perfect repairing. We succeed in developing the first small waterplane area twin hull in China, filling the blank of Chinese high performance ships project and achieved new accomplishment in Chinese ship industry development history.
Real Estate is Dayang group’s emerging part, our subordinate company Dayang real estate development Co.,Ltd is an advanced enterprise in Shantou civil construction system, Unit of director in Shantou real estate association with abundant management experience and strong technology. We have succeeded in the projects such as Dayang Garden, Dayang industrial center, Dayang building by good reputation in the local circle. Seeing the fact that lacking of top grade real estate project, we made best use of our over 300 are space for a top rate real estate with first class design, environment, management., providing best unit to customers.
The new leading group declared the new orientation in 2008, pointed out the goal “one year for foundation, three years for big change, five years for large development”, establish the freezing food industry as the core one, to develop infrared radiation touch technology as new industry, exploit new real estate section near the university road, constructed business center which worth of the honor of “Shantou’s name card”. With the clear target and develop way, scientific combination and steady foundation, we are quicken our steps, enhance our unity and improve our spirit, core and integrated competitive power.